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About Sabrina

My Darling Jewelry Lover,

My journey began in 1978 in England with my husband David. With my eyes always on the latest fashion, I decided to join my husband’s venture; opening two luxury jewelry shops in Hatton Garden, the heart of London’s jewelry market. Watching and listening to the posh European women, I developed a sophisticated sense for fine jewelry.

In 1994, we decided to move to New York with our four children and start a new life. My passion for fine jewelry carried me through uncertain times and led me to open Sabrina Designs, a collection of my own unique and trendy Gold and Diamond designs. We flourished with flattering success by reaching out to a new fashion consumer in the United States. In December of 2001, my life would change forever.  My husband David unexpectedly passed away. The responsibilities of raising and providing for my children fell solely on my shoulders. With God's help and the love of my children, I was able to pass through these difficult times. 

Today,  I am a proud Mother and Grandmother. To see my own children, Linda, Sharon, Elaine, and Matthew joining me on this journey, brings me tremendous joy. They too carry an immense positive energy for life and for Sabrina Designs.

My collection is dedicated to all women who have gone through the ups and downs of life. I hope, you too, will find your inner love, strength and beauty through my designs.

Sincerely Yours,